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I christen thee "Destroy the Brain"! *Throws bottle at community*

Welcome to my new community for the cafepress store "Destroy the Brain", where you can buy good quality zombie and horror merchandise. It's looking a little bare right now, I only have about four bits of merchandise and half a dozen items of (very cool) clothing, but stick with me because I am working my fingers to the bone to produce some awesome art to plaster on some funky items.

I am happy to take commissions for cafepress items, meaning you can get me to draw a special picture just for you and sell it to you on a shirt or beer stein or something. Wouldn't that be neat? Or you could get an item specially made for a zombie obsessed friend's birthday.

Now on to the items that are currently available! First up, fashion. For the boys we have a fetching Ringer T if you're feeling a little retro, a basic Dark T-Shirt, and for those chillier months we have the Long Sleeve T-Shirt, the Jersey Long Sleeve t-shirt and a comfortable Hooded Sweatshirt.

For the ladies we have a Cap sleeve T-Shirt, a simple short sleeved Dark T-Shirt, and for the cooler months we have a Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

If you're having a BBQ, cooking up or storm in the kitchen or just doing something that requires clothing protection why not buy the Zombie BBQ apron? Or if your want something smaller try the Zombie mini button. It's a hip little badge that will look great on a satchel bag or your favourite jacket.

That's it for now, please keep checking back here to see my frequent updates.
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